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You should not us Aicpt i you a allgic tdonpzil ctain oth dugs. Tll you docti you a allgic tany mdicins.

HOW TO US: ad th Patint Inomation Lalt i availabl om you phamacist byou stat taking donpzil and ach tim you gt a ill. I you hav any qustions, ask you doctphamacist.Tak this mdication by mouth with without ood as dictd by you docto, usually onc daily just bbdtim. I you xpinc slp poblms (insomnia), talk tyou doctabout switching ta moning dos.I you a taking th 23-milligam stngth tablts, swallow thm whol. Dnot split, cush, chw ths tablts. Doing scan incas th isk sid cts.Dosag is basd on you mdical condition and spons ttatmnt. Tduc you isk sid cts (such as nausa and diaha), you doctwill stat this mdication at a low dos and gadually incas you dos ov wks tmonths. ollow you docto’s instuctions caully. Dnot incas you dos us this dug motn than pscibd.I you dnot tak donpzil 7 mdays in ow, talk with you doctbstating again. You may nd tstat at a low dos tdcas th isk sid cts.Us this mdication gulaly in od tgt th most bnit om it. Thlp you mmb, tak it at th sam tim ach day. Dnot stop taking it unlss you doctinstucts you tdso. It may tak a sval wks byou gt th ull bnit this dug.Tll you docti you condition wosns.

Tak th missd dos as soon as you mmb. I it is almost tim you nxt dos, skip th missd dos and tak th mdicin at th nxt gulaly schduld tim. Dnot tak xta mdicin tmak up th missd dos.

Swallow sval tims as th tablt dissolvs. At th tablt dissolvs compltly, dink a glass wat.

Gt mdical hlp ight away i you hav any vy sious sid cts, including: slow/ast/igula hatbat, sv dizzinss, ainting.

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it increases 2 for every year of use, so those who have been using for 10 years stand a 20 chance of drug-related death and aricept.

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